At Sungevity, our mission is to speed up the global energy transition by powering lives with sunshine. We make going solar simple, affordable and fun

But our Rooftop Revolution goes far beyond selling solar panels. We push boundaries and cross borders, we innovate, partner-up and expand. 

Our international team is mission-driven, we strive for impact, celebrate our milestones, and learn from our mistakes. For us, social commitment and a drive for top-notch professional execution go hand-in-hand. 

Driven by our curiosity, we are constantly looking for ways to improve. We ask questions, listen carefully, and remove barriers for our customers. 

Together with our colleagues, partners, installers and over 25.000 customers, we build a new generation: Generation Sun. We welcome everyone to join.

Up for a new opportunity? Have a look around and let us welcome you to the bright side!

Take a look around in our office!


Current openings

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Solar Installation
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About us

Today, Sungevity is one of Europe’s leading and fastest growing residential solar companies. When Sungevity was founded in 2011, the market for solar energy was still in its infancy. False promises, steep prices and poor service seemed to be the standard. But what if solar energy were simple, cheap and reliable? If going solar was a no-brainer that nobody would want to miss out? What if we could power all lives with solar? That’s what Roebyem Anders envisioned when she and her partners founded the company.

Roebyem’s vision became our mission, which is at the heart of everything we do. How do we make this happen? By clearing hurdles with innovative technology. By always keeping our promises. By asking questions, even difficult ones. By making it fun to go solar. And by treating our customers as friendly neighbours who share our passion for greening the planet. 

And our approach works. The little seed planted in Amsterdam has blossomed into an international company with over 150 employees. Today, we help over 30.000 households in the Netherlands and Belgium to power their lives with sunshine. With a Sungevity energy system, the future is now!


Gedempt Hamerkanaal 189, 1021 KP Amsterdam

Sungevity International

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 189
1021 KP Amsterdam